AboutPage1I’m a successful international development worker, currently on special leave, while raising my baby girl and building up my business to support women with nourishing self care approaches for
mind, body & soul.

Now I live by the Mediterranean, close to my roots and by the sea,
enjoying my baby and newfound love – my dreams are coming to fruition.

But it wasn’t always that way. For many years, I was working hard on my career while neglecting my personal life, finding myself spending more time at work and in unhealthy, long distance relationships – it’s no secret that aid work doesn’t necessarily lend itself to healthy or fulfilling relationships.

In my late 30s, stuck in a far-away duty station and a unhappy long distance relationship,  I also starting feeling my dream of starting family slipping away.

I remember feeling overwhelmed and lost, hearing the voice of my “Inner Critic” tell me:

  • You are not good enough to try something new
  • You don’t deserve to be happy
  • You’ll always end up roaming the world alone
  • Who do you think you are trying to imagine doing something else besides what you know you’re already good at?
  • You have a good income, you live an exciting life – why bother changing things?
  • You don’t need to have a child to be happy…

All photos above courtesy of D’Antonio Photography http://dantoniophotography.com

When my mother passed away suddenly in 2008, it forced me to take a good look at myself in the mirror:

I realized I wasn’t following my true path, and that perhaps I wasn’t even sure what it was.

I felt stuck, knowing I needed support to do some inner work to uncover my deepest desires and the courage to take action to put my life back on track! I knew I could let my mum’s tragic passing derail my life, or I could choose to live a more fulfilled life.

There was never ONE moment where I knew things had to change. But, in my time alone at night while my boyfriend was thousands of miles away, and following my mum’s suicide, I started practicing yoga – the most important benefit it brought me was teaching me how to BREATHE through any difficulty in life.

Instead of facing challenges and obstacles to be overcome, yoga helped me to face each challenge as a new life experience and a chance to learn about myself and the world around me.

I learned to use my breath to help me connect to my mind, body and soul. As work became more overwhelming and my relationship went into a backward slide, I knew I needed to focus on myself and that only I was responsible for and able to change my life.

I decided to invest the remaining energy I had in other things besides work and my relationship, including becoming a yoga teacher, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, while also investing in having my own coaches and mentors. As a direct result of my own yoga practice and implementing the teachings so graciously shared by my own yoga and coaching mentors (Gloria Latham, Sara Avant Stover, Sarah Powers, Jana Schuberth, and Cora Poage), I finally found the strength inside to end my relationship, my baby steps grew to become confident foot steps:

  • I requested Special Leave from my job at the UN

    Photo courtesy of Martina Effe Photography http://www.martinaeffe.com

  • I spent two months staying with friends in Vancouver, exploring British Columbia, practicing yoga
  • I decided to live by the Mediterranean Sea in Italy, re-connecting with my family after living on separate continents for all of my adult life (25 years)
  • I spent weeks and months with family and friends in Europe
  • I chose to stay open to the possibility of love – and love has come my way both by way of a man and my baby girl….

I was in transition for a long time, but with patience, optimism, hope, perseverance and SELF CARE, I was able adjust the pieces of my life’s puzzle to fit my dream: Slowing down, starting a family and a business in line with my core values and developing nourishing self care approaches for mind, body & soul. WorkWithMERYT200

You’ve come to the right place, if:

You’re considered a successful woman – a career woman, or maybe a mother, and/or an aid worker, passionate about social justice in her community or through her work.

You care about the world around you and are full of passion and life and loves to entertain and be part of an active community.

At the same time, you feel overwhelmed, while you know you need support in making some changes in your lifestyle.

You might have heard about the importance of SELF-CARE and are curious about it! But you’re not sure know what to do to take better care of herself.

You dream of changing your life in a different ways in order to feel more connected to yourself, to live your own truth, YOUR dreams, but you don’t know how…

You are ready to make some changes in your life to help you transition to a life with more clarity, confidence, calmness, and empowerment – a soulful, authentic life where you feel at ease and connected with yourself, your mind, body and soul.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the online experience with Laura and the lovely people she was able to bring together – I appreciated the feeling of not being alone, and she provided the space to connect to my own feelings”

Nathalia B.

Aid Worker

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