You may be experiencing a deep desire to make changes in your life.



You are feeling overwhelmed, wondering, how can I create a more balanced life?

You feel you don’t have the time to eat healthy enough, let alone cook for yourself or your family.

You feel somewhat empty inside, yet feel a deep desire to transform your life.


You know you can’t do it alone.


As a yoga teacher and wellness coach, I adore working with women who are passionate about transforming their lives, even if they don’t know how! You may be an aid worker overseas facing difficulties balancing work-life in the field, a stay at home or career mum realizing you need to take care of yourself first, or a late 30s something woman struggling with whether and how to start a family. Whichever resonates with your situation.

“Spending time in Laura’s online Women’s Circle gave me the opportunity to connect with myself while listening to and sharing with others – I appreciated her capacity to ensure a safe space online for joint reflection and exploration”


AnneMarie M.

Aid Worker

“I’m new to yoga and it has been a real pleasure to have Laura as a teacher. She always seemed to find the right balance between giving enough information about the different yoga styles, and not overwhelming the student.  What I have enjoyed most in Laura’s classes is the fact that she makes yoga FUN and accessible to everyone. She is able to support and motivate new students on their journey into the world of yoga without being pushy.” Nadine B.

Freelance Consultant

* Cover photo courtesy of Martina Effe Photography
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